Greens, take 87

I think that signing up for a CSA should come with a warning.  Do you like greens?  Do you like lots of greens?  How about never-ending greens?  How about greens on top of other veggies?  I don’t know if every CSA has this theme, but ours surely does.  Thankfully, I have found enough creative options, that neither The Philosopher nor I are completely sick of greens [yet].  Our roommate on the other hand…

Did I mention that greens are fantastic for you?   The Philosopher came home from a work field trip to Whole Foods armed with the information that mustard/turnip/collard greens, kale, and swiss chard all are in the top ten foods on the aggregate nutrient index.  Kale and greens get a full 1000 points on the scale of 1000.  Thanks CSA!

Thankfully, greens are totally forgiving.   Combine with lovely herbs and flavors and they can be incorporated into a meal that tricks the most discerning eater (The Lawyer!).  Tonight, the greens became Mexican.  I am pretty sure that this meal was never served to me while I spent time in Piedras Negras, Mexico, but it should have been!

I sautéed up onions and garlic in olive oil and began adding veggies.  Yellow squash and zucchini went in next until just beginning to get tender.  Then mushrooms, tomatoes, and fresh corn get thrown in.  Once the tomatoes have released their liquid, I added lime juice, cumin, fresh cilantro and cayenne pepper (amounts completely depend on how many veggies you are making (and how many people are eating!).  I always add a generous amount of cumin because I love the flavor.  Anywhere from ¼-½ of a teaspoon is reasonable.  Cayenne is to taste (also if you have some hot peppers, they would be better!) but I always start low and keep adding-cayenne sneaks up on you!  Lime juice depends on how many veggies you are adding-but the juice of 1-2 limes or the equivalent bottled juice.  Cilantro-unfortunately my front yard has not yielded well so I had a bunch from the store.  I pretty much split the cilantro between the veggies and the beans.  Finally, I added the greens to cook down at the end.

I also dressed up some canned refried beans with fresh cilantro, cayenne pepper and cumin added as well.  On other dinner occasions I would add some tofu (chicken or steak for you non vegetarians) to make the fajitas, but since I had so many veggies, I decided to stop here.  Dinner was fabulous, and The Lawyer and The Philosopher made no major notice of use number 87 of the greens.


4 thoughts on “Greens, take 87

  1. When I got home, my mother was interested in the recipes you prepared. Remembering this one (which was awesome), I suggested it. Finding it posted here helped me acquire all the necessary pieces.

    Tonight I made it. It was, just as before, awesome. The fresh cilantro really puts it over the top in my book. By far the best Mexican I have ever eaten.

    You are an excellent cook. Thanks.

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