Planning Time

After my post last week about the elimination diet, I took a friend’s suggestion and checked out cookbooks from the library.  Unfortunately, I thought I would also get some I had been wanting to check out anyway, like Mark Bittman’s collection.  Who knew that man wrote enough to fill multiple encyclopedias?  When I went to pick up my selections at the library, I had a note on the shelf directing me to a huge pile of books stacked on the bottom because that was the only place they would fit.  It took two trips to take them to my car.  It would probably take me months to go through all of them.  I prioritized.

Three have served me best for my menu planning:  Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse Vegetables, Maya Kamal’s Savoring the Spice Coast of India, and Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

As I suspected, our diet will primarily consist of legumes, rice, quinoa, veggies and fruit.

Deborah Madison’s book has quinoa salad recipe similar to one  I received from a friend including dried fruits and nuts.  She also has a few creative ways to cook lentils I plan on trying.  I was excited to find a recipe for chard rolls filled with winter veggies.  As well as a Spanish rice bake that seems simple and filling.  These will certainly make it to a dinner menu.

Alice Waters’ recipes are often simple, requiring few ingredients.  A green bean and cherry tomato salad as well as a spicy carrot salad will round out our lunch salads well.

Maya Kaimal’s use of spices and coconut is perfect, rarely using “no” ingredients from our list and requiring few adaptations.  Indian food is a territory I haven’t fully explored, but I feel far more capable after her guidance.

Today’s shopping trip will be to get non-perishable staples for our cupboards:

Star anise                                                              Cardamom

Grated unsweetened coconut                               Quinoa

Potatoes                                                                Various types of rice

Almond and cashew butter                                   Rice Noodles

Gluten-free oatmeal                                               Lentils and dried beans

Coconut milk                                                          Safflower and flax oil

Multiple heads of garlic                                           Nuts and dried fruit

Tahini paste                                                            Herbal teas

Stevia                                                                      Acorn Squash

We are starting the diet on Thursday, so I plan on stocking up on the needed fresh ingredients on Wednesday night after the preparation class.

Spinach                                                               Cauliflower

Green Beans                                                      Cucumbers

Tomatoes/cherry tomatoes                                Carrots

Cilantro, dill, mint                                                Hot Peppers

Apples                                                                Bananas

Frozen Fruit                                                        Almond Milk

Cabbage                                                            Bell Peppers

Here are my general meal ideas:

Breakfast:  fruit smoothies (banana, frozen fruit, apple juice), homemade granola bars (here’s the recipe), oatmeal with dried fruit, nuts and agave, and weekend breakfast risotto (almond milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla)

Lunch:  homemade hummus with veggies, apples with nut butters, salads, and leftovers

Dinners: deconstructed cabbage rolls, stuffed squash, red beans and rice, roasted vegetables, rice noodles and marinara sauce, and curries

I certainly feel more confident than last week.  I think it was helpful to have time to think about recipes I already used, ways to filling the Philosopher without his foundational staple of boxed cereal, exploring the cooking genius hidden in books new to me, and finding new and creative cooking styles that will challenge and expand my foundation.

Countdown to diet:  4 days, 9 hours and 19 minutes.  But whose counting, really?

Spinach                                                                                Cauliflower

Green Beans                                                      Cucumbers

Tomatoes/cherry tomatoes                        Carrots

Cilantro, dill, mint                                             Hot Peppers


Spinach                                                               Cauliflower

Green Beans                                                      Cucumbers

Tomatoes/cherry tomatoes                      Carrots

Cilantro, dill, mint                                         Hot Peppers

Apples                                                                Bananas

Frozen Fruit                                                     Almond Milk


Frozen Fruit                                                        Almond Milk


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