The Diet: Day 15

I have to apologize.  Tonight’s dinner was awesome!  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures.  The Philosopher and I hosted dinner for friends and somehow it always seems weird snapping pictures while my guests’ food gets cold.  This is actually great news for me, because it means I have a really good reason to make this dinner again and share it with you.

Just for jealously, tonight’s dinner included:  homemade falafel (yes, gluten-free and vegan), homemade gluten-free flatbreads, homemade hummus, quinoa tabbouleh, and lots of fresh veggies.  Trust me, no one missed wheat or cheese tonight!

This dinner also included the continued realization that we don’t really know how to behave socially on these diets.  The couple that joined us is also on the diet and brought beautiful tulips, but remarked it was the only thing they could think of instead of bringing a bottle of wine.  While I was frying falafel, The Philosopher and I realized it was weird not offering a beer or glass of wine to our guests.  This diet certainly seems to have a long adjustment period.  It was nice to spend an evening in a room with fellow dieters and talk about the experience together.

In other news, The Philosopher discovered that our vitamins that we have been taking at a physician’s suggestion include corn and soy products.  Unfortunately, this means we have only almost eliminated all the soy and corn from our diets for the last two weeks.

One thing this diet has proved, our food is packed with soy and corn.  They are in everything.  I bought a bottle of safflower oil cooking spray the other day and it had soy products in it–I discovered this after bringing the $6 bottle home.  It’s nearly impossible to purchase nuts that are not contaminated with peanuts or have been roasted in canola oil.  Out of an entire section of salsa, I found only 2 jars that did not have sugar or another “no” ingredient in them.  Whether this diet seems crazy to some, there are certainly many disturbing things to find on our food labels, more than I even realized.  There may really be something to this idea that we have exposed ourselves sick to a few specific ingredients.  Only time will tell.  But for now, I am getting better at reading labels.  If for no other reason, to save myself from more costly mistakes in the future!


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