Things I love, Things I Miss, and Things of Change

So, I think I am going to stop titling my blog posts with the diet days.  I am likely going to be on a limited food diet til July, so it seems silly to post, “The Diet:  Day 1573”.  I mean, who wants to read that depressing blog?

The Things I Love

The good news is that we are both still loving to eat and there are plenty of foods we are enjoying.  Why not post about those?  Sure, they will still be gluten-, sugar-, soy-, blah blah blah free, but we may as well focus on all the good stuff the food actually has.  Like the major yum-factor.  Take  my lunch yesterday for example.  Please tell that this picture doesn’t make you salivate.  I will call you a liar.  I mean, slowly cooked sweet potatoes with caramelized onions and rosemary makes one fine lunch.  Who needs sugar or wheat when these options are available?

First, I diced one onion and began cooking it slowly in a good drizzle of olive oil.  I cut one sweet potato (clean it well, but leave the skins on, they are good for you!) into small cubes.  When the onion had become soft, I added the sweet potatoes and left the heat on medium low.  The best part about this meal is that you can walk away from it for awhile and do some other stuff.  By keeping the heat low, you only need to remember to stir them every five minutes or so.  When the onions were turning a deep caramel color and the sweet potatoes were soft (this took about 20-30 minutes), I turned on the broiler and popped the pan inside (make sure your skillet is oven safe, otherwise you can use a small baking pan or sheet).  I watched them pretty carefully because I knew the onions would burn.  Every few minutes I stirred them up until there were crisp edges all around.  After about 5 minutes I took them out, added salt, pepper and dried rosemary (fresh would be great, as well as thyme).  Enjoy.  So simple and so lovely.

For fun, you could scramble an egg and add it before popping it in the oven to make this a fritatta.  You could also just pop a soft-cooked egg on top (just think for a minute of that runny yolk–yum!).  I suspect this would be great as a side dish, maybe mixed with quinoa.  No matter what, it was delicious.   Breakfast, lunch, dinner or an afternoon snack.

The Things I Miss

Look, I am not crazy.  It’s Easter and there are plenty of sweet temptations at every turn.  It’s pretty difficult to pass up my Lenten favorite, Cadbury Cream eggs, especially since I know I won’t have a single one until next year. Furthermore, my mother always makes homemade peanut butter eggs for the family gathering.  Oh sadness.

I went to the North Market today with a friend.  First, let me tell you that this is the first time I have gone when it wasn’t crazy busy.  It was still bustling, but it was fun to walk around all of the stalls, watch with a warm cup of coffee the supplies of local milk wheeled in on wagons, and enjoy the smells of local food.  Unfortunately, it was also very tempting to help myself to a waffle sample at Taste of Belgium or a bite of ice cream (the new flavors at Jeni‘s melt my heart–oh sugar-free diet, you can be so cruel!).  Thankfully there are plenty of great options at the North Market that are totally allowed on my crazy diet plan and I ate them up!

The Things of Change

Finally, I have a confession to make.  After 6 years of being vegetarian or a vegetarian that only ate the occasional piece of fish, I have roasted a chicken.  And I ate it.  Well, at least some of it.  The Philosopher gladly helped.  Here’s the short explanation.  We are currently on different yet similar diets.  The differences are few, but important and make it difficult for us both to get all the needed nutrients without making two separate meals.  So for now, we will eat chicken, turkey, and fresh fish once a week or so.  I am switching to chicken stock, at least for now in my recipes, but of course vegetable stock will always be close to my heart and welcomed back when we have dealt with our health concerns.

We are committed to purchasing meat locally, without hormones or antibiotics and all that other icky stuff.  Organic chickens that were able to roam freely and happily peck the world away will be welcomed into my kitchen, at least for now.

Will return to vegetarianism once the health problems have been addressed?  Maybe.  For now, join us in the adventure.  I have not cooked meat that I have eaten in more than 6 years.  I have never roasted or butchered a chicken.  Well, at least until last night.  Night one of chicken making, successful.  Thankfully, Weiland’s Gourmet Market was helpful and informative in the world of chicken purchases.  As a whole chicken is big, there is plenty of leftovers and lots of good stock-making ingredients.  I have a feeling we will have another foray into meat-eating and cooking sometime next week.  Hopefully after my first success, I will be willing to take pictures and share.

As always, happy eating!


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