A Philosophical Birthday

Oh the pets in our life.  What joy they bring.  This little lady is our neighbor’s boxer puppy who managed to wedge herself between the couch cushions so she could watch the world go by.  I didn’t get the picture of it, but she actually fell asleep in this position!

She was likely exhausted because the night before we celebrated The Philosopher’s birthday.  We planned on having an outdoor bonfire, but the rain and wind kept us indoors celebrating my humble spouse.  Well, at least half of that description is true.

I whipped up a few recipes you have seen before, but I made some changes for the party.  First, the garbanzo crackers appeared again, this time I substituted southwestern spices and served them with a black bean hummus.  I switched out the turmeric, cayenne, and paprika for 1t cumin and 2t chili powder.  Again, they had a lovely color and a great flavor.  I ran out to buy a cookie cutter to use for dessert and managed to walk home with 100 cutters.  This change led to me cutting everything into fun shapes, including the crackers.

The hummus was simply black beans, lime juice, fresh cilantro, cumin and a jalapeno (seeded) and pureed in the blender.  Throw the crackers on the side with some fresh veggies, don’t forget jicama, and the party is ready to start!

For dessert, I used this pie crust recipe, but turned it into short bread.  I upped the salt slightly and rolled it out thinly.  I used more cookie cutters to cut them into the Philosopher’s age.  13 or 31?  I baked them on parchment paper (but I think they would have been fine on cookie sheets that were unlined) at 350 degrees for about 5-7 minutes.  As you can see below, they quickly changed from golden brown to darker brown so be careful!  Not to worry though, they all got eaten, regardless of the shade.  I added some fresh berries and planted a few candles in strawberries.  Happy Birthday!

I doubt that I will have use for all 100 cookie cutters (I really never owned any before), but I was excited to learn that I now have a stegosaurus, a hand and foot, and lots of holiday cutters–just in case I need them!

I think this post goes to show that recipes can be really versatile.  Feel free to experiment!  Can’t eat strawberry shortcake right now because you are on a crazy diet?  I bet there’s a next best thing.  Actually, this adaptation was likely better than those gross, pre-packaged things at the store.  Are you on a crazy diet that makes it impossible to buy crackers?  Make your own!  And own the recipe for yourself!  Add fresh herbs.  Leave the herbs out.  Make a fun dip for them.  Eat them plain with a salad.

Basically, I am telling you, Go Play With Your Food.

And wish The Philosopher a happy birthday.  We will be celebrating all month long 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Philosophical Birthday

  1. I love playing with food! I’m less adventurous when it comes to baking, but I often look up 5 recipes online and combine them all together to suite my tastes. It’s so fun & a great way to customize your food. 🙂

    • Tamara,
      That is exactly what I tend to do. I have a few trusted sources, but usually get input from lots of places before plowing ahead to try something new–especially when baking!

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