Time for a Journey

I would love to tell you about the lovely cooking that has been going on in my kitchen, but this pile suggests where my time and energy has been focused for the last week or so.  It’s funny, I kept saying, “As soon as I finish my culminating project, I will have a ton of free time.”  Hmm.  Maybe not.  Mid-May arrived, my project was completed, reviewed and stamped with those approval marks that stressed me out for months.  But somehow my free time never arrived.  Of course, I still had two classes.  So then I said, “As soon as I get these projects done, I will take time to breathe!”  Again, projects were submitted early, grades were posted and I found myself still spinning through my days.  As my graduate school commencement is now less than 24 hours away, you would expect me to be blogging the words of freedom and relaxation.  Instead, I am running about, seeing dear friends from out of town, washing clothes, buying last minute items, applying for just one more job, running.  Running.  Running.  But all is good.  The running will end shortly and I will happily find myself running to the airport to catch a flight to London.  The Philosopher and I have been saving pennies for two years and now for the opportunity to travel for our “honeymoon”.  We planned this trip quickly and I still can’t completely report our itinerary.  We are meeting more dear friends across the pond for some time sightseeing in the city and relaxing in a cottage in Wales.  Please, don’t feel sorry for me.  While the burden of drinking a cup of coffee on our balcony overlooking the mountains will be difficult, I will try to find a way to enjoy myself.  Afternoons hiking the countryside will be taxing, but I am certain I will pull through.  Seeing old friends and meeting new ones will inevitably leave me talking all night long, but I will survive.  Somehow.  I hope to have some wonderful pictures and stories to share when I return.

In the meantime,  I promised to share CSA news every week.  Here are some lovely pictures of some of this week’s goodness.  We received carrots, green onions, salad greens, leaf lettuce, and kale this week.  The recipe of the week for the CSA could be titled “The Five Thousand and Fifteenth Thing to Do with Kale”.  But let’s just call it lovely.

Kale with Indian Spices

In a deep skillet or wok heat oil and gently warm minced garlic and 1/2t mustard seeds until the seeds begin to pop.  Add 1T turmeric, 1T ground coriander, 1/4t cayenne (more or less to taste), 1T cumin., and a few pinches of garam masala.  Warm the spices until fragrant.  Add a large bunch of kale cut into 1-2″ pieces.  Add one small can of crushed tomatoes (I added one half of a large can) or use a few fresh tomatoes and one can of coconut milk.  Cook until thickened over medium-low heat (about 5-10 minutes) and serve over quinoa or rice.  I added chopped fresh green onions to the top.  This is an absolutely lovely way to eat kale.  Warming, yet refreshing.  Add a can of  garbanzo beans or some fried tofu to make it a one pot meal.

I wish everyone a lovely couple of weeks.  There will likely be no update until I return to The Bus as I plan to leave technology on this side of the pond.  Enjoy yourselves and eat well!


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