Renewal: Just Like Spring

Dear readers and friends, how we’ve missed you!

Both Tracy and myself have gone through some significant changes in the last year, and regretfully, Karma in the Kitchen has been lightly placed on the back burner.  However, it was not our intention to abandon the site forever and I’m looking to renew my commitment to posting regularly (I was kind of a slacker in the last year anyway!).  I have been cooking a lot recently and asking myself why I’m not blogging about it.  The goal of the blog initially was to share. Share our kitchen successes and nightmares across the states and timezones and keep up our cooking and eating community. Please, if in looking back through the posts on this blog, you find things you wish we’d written about or expanded on, let us know.

My goal is to start posting again in late August or early September, but in the meantime, I will be posting pictures and recipes to our Facebook page.  Please like our Facebook page to stay up to date and interact with both Tracy and I.  We really appreciate your support, your likes and your stories.

Best wishes and happy cooking!



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